Cornus mas 'władymirskij' (Cornouiller mâle) [4/5]

Genre - Fruit : Cornus - Cornouille

Informations de la variété

  • Cornus spp.

  • Cornouiller

  • Vladimirsky

  • Ukrainian large-fruited variety - average weight - 7.5 g, maximum 9.5 g (in favorable years, the average weight can be 8.5-9 g). The weight of the stone is about 11% of the weight of the whole fruit. Shiny, red and black-red fruits, fully ripe - black, oval-cylindrical in shape. Ripening time: medium (from mid-August to mid-September). Sugar content 8.5%, acids-1.7-1.8%, vitamin C -142-150 mg / 100g, anthocyanins in the pulp are 121 mg / 100g and in the peel 721 mg / 100 g. One of the most productive varieties - from a 20-25-year-old bush, up to 55-60 kg can be harvested.

  • Fruits are sweet and moderately acidic.

  • tinctures, jam, juices

  • Soil neutral, must have available Ca.

Informations complémentaires

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Variété modifié le 6 octobre 2022