Mûrier ronce : 'silvan '

Genre - Fruit : Rubus fruticosus - Mûre de ronce

Informations de la variété

  • Rubus fruticosus L.

  • Mûrier ronce

  • épineuse longue et très vigoureuse

  • parmi les plus précoce

  • (Developed by K Kroon, Agriculture Victoria, 1962) Derivation: from seed ex Oregon State University – USDA, mainly by R ursinus. Very vigorous, thorny, trailing canes. Plant tolerates heavy soils better than other early and mid-season hybrids, generally produces heavier crops. Harvests early-December to mid-January. Fruit is glossy, red-black to fully black at ripe; up to 35mm long x 20mm diameter. Soft and easily damaged at full-ripe. Excellent aromatic/acidic flavour and is the nearest flavour to the wild weed blackberry..

Informations complémentaires

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Variété modifié le 11 janvier 2024