Noisetier : 'tonda gentile delle langhe '

Genre - Fruit : Corylus avellana & Corylus maxima - Noisette

Informations de la variété

  • Corylus avellana L.Corylus maxima Mill.

  • Noisetier

  • Ronde du Piemont, Tonda Gentile del Piemonte.

  • The tree is moderately vigorous with a semi-erect open tree form.

    Pollen is shed very early but flowering is late.

    Bud burst is early.

    The husk is slightly longer than the nut and nuts fall free of the husk.

  • Nuts are medium to small, round with many trilobal in shape.

    Kernels have a light to moderate fibre cover but blanch well.

    Percent kernel 39 – 42%.

  • It is susceptible to bacterial blight and very susceptible to big bud mites.

  • highly valued by the chocolate industry because of its small round kernel, excellent blanching ability and excellent flavour (Bergoughoux et al, 1978).

  • Northern Italy, Piedmont area


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Variété modifié le 21 mars 2024