Genre - Fruit : Malus domestica - Pomme

Informations de la variété

  • Malus domestica Borkh.

  • Pommier

  • Budimka -Serbian autochthonous variety of apple
    Budimka is long-lived variety, best suit her mountainous areas, fertile, light and moderately moist soil. It is resistant to winter and late spring frosts. It is relatively resistant to the causal agent of apple scab (Venturia inaequallis) and powdery mildew (Podosphaera leucotricha). Harvested in the first half of October, and kept until May. The tree is vigorous, with a wide crown and large capacity to enter into fruit growing pyramid. Lush is a diploid variety. Good pollinated other varieties, and is well-pollinated Jonathon, pink and golden delicious. Late starts to give birth, then good is born. It withstands handling and transport. At the site of manslaughter creates a protective cork. Used for industrial processing, and to a lesser extent for table use.

  • The fruit is medium-large, often asymmetrical. The skin of the fruit is greenish-yellow, with a sunny side whitepinkish. The flesh is whitish, firm, sweet and slightly sour.

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