Pommier : 'buras'

Genre - Fruit : Malus domestica - Pomme

Informations de la variété

  • Malus domestica Borkh.

  • Pommier

  • Buras apple is a good table apple and excellent when slowly baked

  • yellowish-green, slightly rough and rusty skin, and a white-greenish, crunchy pulp with a sweet-acidulous taste. It ripens between the end of September and the beginning of October and, like rennets, it withers and gets slightly floury with the passing of time, though maintaining its aromaticity

  • It is now grown in Varaita valley in the province of Cuneo, Piedmont

  • https://www.antichevarietapiemontesi.it/mele/buras/

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Variété modifié le 28 août 2021