Pommier : 'dolenjska voscenka'

Genre - Fruit : Malus domestica - Pomme

Informations de la variété

  • Malus domestica Borkh.

  • Pommier

  • Dolenjska vo??enka
    Malus Dolenjska vo??enka

  • Dolenjska vo??enka is formed in the area of Dolenjska - Slovenia as a random planter. It belongs to the Slovenian autochthonous domestic apple varieties. It is diploid variety. It is recommended for planting in meadow orchards.

    The tree is exuberant, treetop is blustering and broad with drooping branches. Begets early, fertility is abundant, so over the years begets alternately. It is quite resistant to winter cold, but sensitive to scab and spring frost.

    The fruit is the form of medium-thick, flattened rounded, asymmetrical. The fruits are greenish yellow in color, which after harvesting pass into waxy yellow. The flesh is juicy, fine-grained, sweet-sour taste and aromatic memory of the orange.

    Matured in the last ten days of September and is used soon after harvesting and until February. Fruits are sensitive to touch.

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Variété modifié le 28 août 2021