Pommier : 'majda'

Genre - Fruit : Malus domestica - Pomme

Informations de la variété

  • Malus domestica Borkh.

  • Pommier

  • Source. Majda (Jonathan × Golden Noble) is a Slovenian variety which was officially recognized and recorded in the Register of New Varieties of 1986th

    Growth: It is classified by the middle of lush variety. Against scab is medium resistant, to apple mildew is medium sensitive.

    Flowering and fertilization. It blooms medium late. Diploid variety. Majda itself accordingly ra-thinners.

    Fertility In the first years of the birth rate is not commensurate with heavy flowering, after the fifth year is very good and regular, even better than Idared. If it is harvested late enough for a week idaredom sufficient disposable harvest.

    Maturation and durability. The dawn of the second decade of October, applicable from December to March or April.

    The fetus. The fruits are medium to fat, quite correctly, roundish and slightly flattened shape. The stalk is short, although the fruits are not nearly ousting becouse uniform distribution of the crown. The basic color is green, later yellow becomes green. Color of skin, which covers a quarter to three quarters of the surface of the skin is carmine red marbled. The taste is pleasant, slightly sour, refreshing, what feels good especially at the end of winter. Fruits at harvest is very robust, resistant of touch and good transfer services. It can be used as a table, apple diet, fond of is those customers who prefer a more acidic apples. To taste and reminiscent of the old domestic varieties. Since the meat is resistant to oxidation processes and darkens the very suitable the processing of mushy juice, applesauce, compote, pies and other baked goods, using ultrafiltration for apple concentrate.

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